I Fail At Blogging

So apparently I made a post that basically said something completely untrue or at least left out important facts, and I didn’t even notice that someone had pointed it out until one month later. Gah. Also, I thought I was going to write mostly about health, but instead I find myself talking about that on LiveJournal while this blog has become a strange collection of political opinions and random thoughts. That’s so not what I had in mind.

I wish I had discovered all the issues that I now care about back when I could still THINK. Reading stuff I wrote three years ago almost makes me want to weep because man, where did those writing skills go?

Quality aside, I never thought I’d have so little to write about, either. The reason why I only mention my health on LiveJournal is that nothing ever changes (except when I get worse). I have tried out things that were supposed to make me feel better, but they didn’t. Hardly a good topic for a blog – “So here’s my failed attempt of the month.”

I only wanted a wider audience for what I was already saying, but now I have my audience and nothing left to say.

Which is not to say I’m leaving. But if this keeps up, I can’t promise I won’t. How on earth am I supposed to keep myself from spouting nonsense while I’m not in my right mind (in a brain fog way, not psychotic – I hope) and also completely oblivious of the fact that I’m not in my right mind? That’s like trying to notice the exact moment you forget something. The mere idea makes my brain hurt. So would the most responsible course of action be to simply stop talking?? I am so confused.