Let’s return to the topic of FAT!

Okay, I just realised something. At first I thought the best way to advance Fat Acceptance was to make it known that fat does not equal bad health. Then I changed my mind and decided that since a person’s health is nobody’s business, we shouldn’t focus on that. How about “sustainable weight loss is impossible for nearly everyone” as a mantra? No, that only leads to accusations that we’re all defeatists who have “given up” (yes, even those of us who are thin … somehow).

Perhaps we should spend more time promoting the fact that weight loss is dangerous? Which is, after all, the truth. I know from experience that no matter how often you tell people that anything is none of their business, chances are they won’t listen. But if you tell them that you’re not going to follow their advice (or “advice”) because it is very dangerous? Obviously they can choose not to believe you, as with everything … I do think that this kind of discussion would be less emotionally challenging though.

Which is not to say that I’m giving up on bodily autonomy, of course. I’m just saying I may have found an alternative for those situations where facts are needed. Hey, I need to arm myself …

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