Money …

A short and very simple thought has been going through my head for weeks, and no matter how hard I tried, I haven’t been able to transform it into anything bigger. So here it is, without any further exploration …

Many of the problems that sick and especially fat people face today have a single common cause: Somewhere, at some point, somebody who already had a significant amount of money wanted more money and was willing to make other people suffer for it. That’s it.

I know I’m going to sound like a total hippy now, but I believe that we need a lot more love and compassion in this world. We need more people like Sandy Szwarc, who’s been providing us with free information for so long, just because she felt that someone had to do it.

I don’t have a solution. In fact I don’t even have so much as a hint of an idea and it’s making me a little nervous.


5 Responses to “Money …”

  1. wriggles Says:

    The love of money is the root of all evil- indeed; ’twas ever thus. It’ll never change.

  2. danielle Says:

    The reason Sandy Swarcz writes for free is because she’s a hack who doesn’t know the first thing about most of the subjects she writes about. Hard to get someone to pay for that.

  3. Tiana Says:

    I wasn’t implying that she deserves money for what she does. I didn’t even say anything about the quality of her posts. All I said was that she’s been providing us with free information, which is true. Quotes and links, people! I don’t agree with everything that she’s ever written, either. 🙂

    Come on, if you want to start an argument, at least stay on topic.

  4. Anniee451 Says:

    “Somewhere, at some point, somebody who already had a significant amount of money wanted more money and was willing to make other people suffer for it.”

    I realize you said you couldn’t elaborate, but I can’t imagine how you could come to a conclusion like this. Is it possible to explain the thoughts that led to it? Or maybe some type of example of it? I mean, I know some people are willing to make others suffer so they can amass more wealth – the purpose of government is to protect people from fraud and encroachment upon their persons and property, so if this person (who you believe already had money) either broke a contract with someone (i.e. I give you a dollar for a cup of coffee and you don’t give me the coffee) or simply, say, stole the money, the answer would be to enforce the contract or make restitution, to restore the second person to their prior state. If the first person, who had money, did not do either of these things (break contract or encroach/steal/otherwise directly harm someone’s property) then what action do you think should be taken against that person? And also importantly, how is it that you trace all or most of the problems facing fat or sick people to this unscrupulous monied person? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m honestly asking.

    Sandy is a wonderful humanitarian and an invaluable resource, but in the end she has material needs of her own that have to be met, and that’s what she’s had to do. We owe her our gratitude, no doubt about it. It would be nice if there had been someone(s) willing to pay her for what she was doing, to publish her works for pay. Perhaps there still will be in the long run.

    danielle – you know, that was disgusting. A hack doesn’t do years of poring over exhaustive research and using her medical expertise and knowledge of how statistics and studies work just because she cares about people and their suffering. That is not the definition of a hack. That is a philanthropist. And yes, I’m sure you are qualified to judge that she doesn’t know anything about medicine when she’s an R.N. and you’re…what?

  5. Tiana Says:

    I don’t actually remember which news story inspired this, but I was thinking along the lines of clinical trials being influenced by sponsors, and doctors being paid to mistreat their patients. Another example would be ridiculous beauty ideals being promoted so that companies can sell their anti-aging cremes, weight loss pills and so on.

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