Fat Acceptance and I

As a matter of fact, I’ve been interested in Fat Acceptance for roughly six months now. Recent discussions have inspired me to think about the movement even more intensely than usual, leading to some great “light bulb” moments as well as moments of doubt. Once I ended up so confused that I had trouble speaking about the topic for two days, and in the midst of those I created this blog. Well, I’m glad that I did. The heated comment debates that I engaged in for a week or so were exhausting, but a whole lot of good came out of them, too.

When I first stumbled upon FA blogs, I was stunned by the endless accounts of unfair treatment that fat people had to suffer. I gasped. I actually cried a few times. I told my fiancĂ© about it, who seemed to wonder what drugs I was on and yet shared my outrage. I had never done anything to become (or stay) thin, I was tired of being applauded for something I hadn’t done, and I knew from close observation of family and friends that those who gained weight at some point hadn’t suddenly turned into pigs at all.

From that standpoint, Fat Acceptance sounded like the Best Idea Ever to me. What I didn’t understand at the time was the scientific aspect: Hadn’t I read in a magazine that “excess” body fat was unhealthy? Apparently those people thought otherwise. Now, contrary to popular belief I did NOT have one look at Junkfood Science and was immediately converted to the Church of Fat or somesuch nonsense. In fact, it was not until a few days ago that I mananged to sort out my last remaining issue with a certain point that I’d previously had trouble understanding (I’ll make a separate post about that one later). Today I can finally say that it all makes sense in my head and you won’t find a single contradiction in my arguments, but it took me a long time to get there.

As a general rule, I try not to believe anything. If there is proof for something, or if a theory sounds logical, I’ll accept that as a temporary “truth” until you can give me a valid reason to reconsider. Nobody has provided me with such a valid reason yet, so I’ll continue supporting Health At Every Size and writing about Fat Acceptance on this blog.


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