I’m not entirely certain where I’m going with this blog, but I can tell you that I spend a lot of time thinking about health for several reasons. It seems that I’ve been suffering from fibromyalgia or something like it for approximately 8 or 9 years, which I never noticed because I’d already had a little psychosomatic problem (headaches) for a while before the other symptoms started, and unfortunately I assumed that they were all part of the same thing. The headaches stopped eventually, but the rest only got worse.

I have been called a lazy, attention-seeking hypochondriac and an irresponsible liar, I was advised to just go to bed earlier and to exercise more, to get out more, to make more friends, to eat healthier, to drink more water, to think more positive thoughts and to stop thinking so much … among other things. To each suggestion that wasn’t completely ridiculous, I reacted with hope. Contrary to popular belief I am actually an optimist, so I tried everything enthusiastically. If I failed to keep up my new lifestyle, I would eventually have another go at it. And another. And another. If I kept it up and nothing changed, I figured that I must be cheating myself somehow or that I wasn’t doing enough yet.

I was not until two years ago that I began to consider the possibility that I might just be ill. However, I still wasn’t experiencing all the major symptoms of my disease – those appeared after my son’s birth in January 2008. So far I haven’t found a doctor who could diagnose me properly, but I’m working on it.

Another reason why I spend a lot of time thinking about health is that I stumbled into the Fat Acceptance movement by accident earlier this year. I am not fat myself, but I used to worry about what I eat a lot and I’m engaged to a very cuddly man. 😉

Well, that’s my story.

[This post has been edited a few times.]


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